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AVRTS Practical Nurse Program

215 Fitchburg Street, Marlborough, MA 01752

508-485-9430 ext. 2881


Jayne Phayre, BSN

"AVRTS did a fantastic job preparing me for my BSN education at Fitchburg State University.  Thanks to Assabet the transition from LPN to BSN was seamless.  The rigorous preparation I received at Assabet enabled me to work in the field of nursing and at the same time successfully further my nursing education."

Jennifer Lee, BSN


"Deciding to enter the LPN - BSN program was an easy choice for me.  Being an RN with a Bachelors Degree is what I have always wanted.  Becoming an LPN for me was a stepping stone to get to my ultimate goal.  My position as an LPN as brought me into a world that I never know which I have come to love and for that I am grateful.  Moving on will be hard, but one must always advance in their education and career!"

Courtney Lamb, BSN


  "Once I decided to become a nurse, I knew I wasn't going to stop until I became an RN. After becoming an LPN, I researched the quickest route for me to obtain my RN, either ADN or BSN. When making the decision, I took into account- how many classes I would need to take, length of the program, admission testing needed, credit given for my LPN license, and flexibility of the schedule. It made the most sense for me to go the LPN to BSN route. I was able to complete the program in 2 years (including summer) and now have so many more opportunities that I wouldn't have had with my LPN nor an ADN. It was a great investment of my time and money!"